OpenCV Computer Vision Application Programming

Mobile Applications

OpenCV Computer Vision Application Programming mainly refers to real-time image and data processing on computers. It can be used for free under an open-source BSD license. Its prime objective is to deal with the high-level understanding of computers in the context of comprehending and processing digital videos and images. Thus, it is justifying to say that open-source computer vision enables a computer to automate certain tasks by itself along with the support from Machine Learning Algorithms. These algorithms are installed automatically on them while an openCV app runs on a computer.

It is generally an Artificial Intelligence incorporated to a computer, in order to make enable it to understand various different media files and formats at a brisk. Apart from that, the other applications that comprise of in computer vision are object recognition, learning, image restoration, indexing, video tracking and motion estimations.  

Further, there are other applications of OpenCV library includes:

  • Facial Recognition System.

  • Gesture Recognition.

  • Mobile Robotics.

  • Egomotion Estimation.

  • Motion understanding.

  • Segmentation and Recognition.

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