OpenCV Computer Vision Application Programming

Mobile Applications

Designed for computational efficiency and to handle real-time applications, it had been written in optimized C/C++ and the openCV library can easily take advantage of the multi-core processing. It was initially developed and released by Intel Corporation in June 2000 and there have been numerous enhancements and improvements ever since. Besides that, it is licensed by BSD and is free for academic as well as commercial usage. With a focus on real-time applications, OpenCV supports all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android. OpenCv filters for Mobiles are quite popular among the users worldwide.


The goals to achieve for which the project was initially started in the first place are :


  • Developing optimized code for basic vision infrastructure along with open code to facilitate advanced vision research. Thus, reinventing the wheel had been eliminated.


  • Creating a common infrastructure on which the developers could build upon so as to make coding more readable and transferable.


  • Making performance-optimized code freely available to empower advanced vision-based commercial applications.


Notable OpenCV applications include :

  • Facial recognition system.

  • Mobile robotics.

  • Human-computer interaction.

  • Egomotion estimation.

  • Motion understanding.

  • Object identification.

  • Gesture Recognition.

  • 2D and 3D feature toolkits.


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