OpenCV Computer Vision Application Programming

Mobile Applications

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) was made available under a BSD license. On that account, it is free for educational and business use. It is an open source library in C/C++. It’s uses are basic image processing, Image and video I/O, Image data manipulation, video analysis. OpenCV library incorporates programming functions which is intended for the real-time computer vision experience. Seeing that, it is written in upgraded C/C++. It can leverage multi-core processing. OpenCV also supports the deep learning frameworks TensorFlow, Torch/PyTorch.

Although, it preserves some of the components of old C interface but it’s primary interface is written in C++. Now, all the new OpenCV’s initiations and algorithms are advanced in the C++ interface. OpenCV is OS/hardware/window-manager independent.

What OpenCV Can Do?

  • Facial Recognition System.

  • Gesture Recognition.

  • Mobile Robotics.

  • Motion analysis

  • Object recognition (eigen-methods, HMM).

  • Egomotion Estimation.

  • Motion understanding.

  • Image labeling

  • Segmentation and Recognition


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