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NodeJS is basically a web app development framework. It has become popular in the niche by offering valuable means to the developers to create server-side web applications.

As a matter of fact, NodeJS web app development comprises of a non-blocking I/O model. Additionally, this model is comparatively more advanced and prominent than any other available development frameworks. It’s important to know that Node.js npm and package ecosystem count as the largest ecosystems when it comes to open libraries found worldwide. In fact, NodeJS is one of the four main web development framework that comes in MEAN stack use. From a developer’s point of view, it’s the most beneficial and vital property of Node, which is based on JavaScript.

NodeJS Web Application Development Tools can prove to be advantageous:


  1. API on Top of an Object DB

  2. Chatting applications

  3. Queued Inputs

  4. Data Streaming Apps

  5. Proxy

  6. Application And System Monitoring Dashboard

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