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NodeJS is a popular web development framework that provides valuable tools to the developers for creating server-side web applications. As a matter of fact, NodeJS happens to be one of the four key web development frameworks used in MEAN Stack. Node is based on JavaScript and this is perhaps the most lucrative property of Node from a developer’s point of view. JavaScript is a language which is known to all the developers working on backend operations. Owing to the use of JavaScript, any developer can learn to use this framework within a short span of time. This and many other factors make it a perfect tool for building client-side and server-side web applications.



Where NodeJS Can Be Used:


  1. API on Top of an Object DB

  2. Chatting applications

  3. Queued Inputs

  4. Data Streaming Apps

  5. Proxy

  6. Application And System Monitoring Dashboard




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We at Oodles Technologies provide offbeat solutions for Node.js Web Development. We have an experienced team of full stack developers working effectively on frontend and backend operations. Apart from that, we also have an extensive experience in Mean Stack Development. We create top quality event driven apps using latest tools and technologies.


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