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Ever since the invention of smartphones and tablets, the mobile app market is continuously shooting up. The App Store contains a myriad of apps. These mobile applications have made our living simple and fun. For everything, you will find an app.  There are two major platforms, currently dominating the mobile app development market. These are Android and iOS. Out of these, Android and iOS together cover 97% of the mobile market as compared to blackberry and windows which have very less number of users.


Android was built primarily for the touchscreen-enabled smartphones, but now supports several other devices such as tablets, PCs, Smart Watches and Smart TVs. iOS is Apple's operating system. It is exclusively developed for the Apple devices and only supports devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.


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Oodles Technologies is a leading software development company based in India. We have extensive experience in web and mobile app development. For the past seven years, it’s been our forte to deliver best-in-class mobile applications at the most competent rates. We possess a highly skilled team of Mobile App Developers who have hands-on experience in mobile app development for Android and iOS platforms. We deliver top-notch mobile applications services.


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