Blog Post Title

    Most important Onpage component that definitely takes on a huge role in figuring out whether our blog posts will  be doing well on search engines front can be their title. We have to make sure we're making use of targeted phrases or keywords in direction of the beginning of Title Tag. We have to definitely not replicate the same keyword in title tag with the intension for getting greater rankings on Yahoo and google etc.


    Heading Tags

    One should use heading tags  including h2, h3 and h4 etc inorder to highlight a variety of titles, sub-headings and important factors. Each of our Title tag can be used as h1 tag in single post stage in WordPress. Thus we don't need to use any kind of h1 tag in our article body area. Also, don’t replicate H2 as well as H3 tags a lot of periods, as it is considered as  negative SEO practice.


    Content interlinking

    You should link out to related blogs posts from your web site to be able to send out more page rank and traffic for many years. Interlinking of blogs naturally will help your blog readers spend more time on your blog. Although it's not necassary to overdo it. While linking out in your individual pages, you should use keyword rich anchor text while that can help the linking posts perform far better with Yahoo and google and also other search engines for their targeted anchor texts.


    Linking out to External Website

    Besides from linking to your own blog posts, it is  a good idea to be able to link out to external websites  if you feel additions of links for them can help your website audience find a lot more along with related information regarding the topic you're currently blogging about. while linking out to external websites, you should link to trusted sites just. In addition to in case you have uncertainties in regards to the authority or attractiveness of the website, you may use nofollow tag to stop moving pagerank along with search engine rankings to bad neighbors

    You should employ dofollow link for trusted sites along with nofollow links for those regarding whom you're unsure regarding their own trust get ranking upon Google.

    Meta Tags

    It is best to add unique and relevant   meta keyword in addition to meta description with each of your blog post. Again, you need to use your  targeted keyword in the meta description. It is best to make a meta description tag which often act as a summary on your blog post. you should limit meta description length to 160 characters which includes spaces. It is best to create user friendly meta description tagsintended for better Click hrough Rate (CTR) in  search engines.



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