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    After a long gap of almost 3 years, Roku has finally launched the fourth version of its mobile app. The update is now available for both android and iOS users. The app tends to improve the user experience by offering a variety of stunning features. The new app gives you full control of the Roku TV remote and gives you a seamless TV viewing experience with faster navigation and easy access to your favorite channels. It gives you a one-tap access to all your favorite TV shows. The Search Options have also been revamped making it more easy for you to find the content you’re looking for in no time. Seeing it this way, the app can be perceived as a perfect replacement to the Roku TV remote and it turns your Smartphone into an ultimate streaming companion. So let’s see what new we’ve got in this app.

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    New Features & Updates

    The new Roku app (v4.0) brings a new and refreshing user-interface. It removes the conventional black theme which looked quite dull and replaces it with a beautiful white one. However, you can switch back to the black view if that suits you better. Apart from that, the new app greatly speeds up the navigation, making it faster than it ever was. You’ll find a whole new nav bar at the bottom of the app. It provides a shortcut to access channels, view photos or change Settings. On the same nav bar, there’s a whole new tab called, “What’s On” which shows the trending movies and TV shows that you can purchase, rent or even watch for free.


    Other Notable Changes

    Above everything else, the new Roku app greatly streamlines the remote control making it the ideal remote app for your Roku device. The app works perfectly well with all the new and old Roku models and gives you one-tap access to your favorite channels, movies, music and TV shows. It boasts smooth controls and faster navigation. Also the directional pad that now appears on the app screen is completely changed. Now it looks like the one you see on the physical remote of your Roku device. Also, while using the directional pad, you’ll also see a Channels icon at the top right corner of the screen. Tapping on that Channels bar gives you instant access to all your saved streaming channels.  

    While comparing the UI of the new Roku app with the previous one, it can be seen that the new app is far better, not only in looks but also in the underlying functionality and features.

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