• As you know that Appcelerator is closing its Titanium Studio and has launched a new Appcelerator Studio in its place, so now everyone have to use this new studio to make Titanium mobile apps.


    It seems like there is an issue with this new Appcelerator Studio when you try to make the Android production build ready to submit in the Google Play Store using the “Publish -> Distribute Android App Store” option which appears when user right clicks the app.


    However, you can still make the Android Production build with Appcelerator Studio using the CLI (Command Line Interface).


    For this, open your CLI and in that go till the path where your project is placed.


    Then, write the following command in your CLI - 


     appc run -p android -T dist-playstore [-K <keystore_file> -P <keystore_password> -L <keystore_alias> -O <output_directory>]


    <KEYSTORE_FILE> is the path of the android keystonein your system.

    <KEYSTORE PASSWORD> is the password that you set for your android keystore.

    <KEYSTORE_ALIAS> is the alias for your android keystore that you set.

    <OUTPUT_DIRECTORY> is your output directory where your project apk will be formed.


    This is all that you need to do for making the Android production build ready for submission.


Tags: android , appcelerator , build , production

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