• Nokia WING IoT launchedNokia WING(Worldwide IoT Network Grid) has recently come up as a new possibility for MNCs and high-end businesses to flourish more than ever. In the world of increasingly connected devices and appliances, the longing for a worldwide IoT connectivity network had been a little too long and finally NOKIA has emerged as a leader with its ever powerful worldwide IoT network that has been announced a few days ago and is ready to be exploited. Also, the most likely domains which are expected to receive the WING services at the earliest include health, safety, transport and utilities. Just imagine all internet-enabled IoT devices connected to each other 24/7 and exchanging information across themselves irrespective of their geographical locations. One thing can be assured which is the opening of some new revenue streams for businesses around the world.


    Which All IoT Services Can Be Expected by Nokia WING


    The most anticipated services which will be offered via NOKIA’s WING would be subscription and device management, security and analytics. From now onwards, there would be no need of dealing with multiple technology providers and the complexities faced by the firms will be totally eliminated as WING is going to look after everything related to the worldwide connectivity of assets such as freight containers or connected cars.



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    Realizing new business revenue streams in a shorter period of time would become possible for the large MNCs as they had always been in an immense need of a near global IoT connectivity. And to achieve this, all they need to do from here on is to join the global federation of IoT connectivity services. Apparently, the time will also be saved and the effort needed would be lesser. Besides, a number of new business opportunities would open for the operators worldwide.


    Further, Nokia will also be able to fast-track an IoT business launch by making a quick market for it in the shortest span of time you could ever think of. Nokia WING is also providing for a white label managed service model under which operators can offer these IoT services under their own brand name. As a matter of fact, Nokia is also planning to collaborate with various operators in order to create one global IoT grid so as to make the customers feel benefitted in the highest order as they would be able to access a range of closely connected IoT apps and devices.


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    Proposed IoT Related Benefits of Nokia WING


    • High-end global connectivity for a broad range of IoT apps with regard to the enterprises in the safety, health, transport and utility markets.


    • To achieve a global coverage and to deliver high-quality performance, it switches smartly between licensed, cellular and unlicensed LP-WAN technologies.


    • As soon as an asset crosses a geographical border, it quickly and automatically get configured to the next available operator network.


    • Nokia WING would be the common point of contact for the customer care and the IoT product innovation.

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