• HTML5 gaming advantages and the best HTML5 games of 2017


    HTML5 games are the most popular among all other kinds of online games available on the web. Have you ever tried to find out why ? The reason lies in their easy functionality on almost all the web browsers and operating systems whether they are mobile operating systems or desktop OS. Moreover, the shareability and easy access for mass audiences makes them further more popular and viral on the web. Another major reason which makes an HTML5 game much more relevant for mass consumption and for revenue generation is the fact that it can be circulated or shared on web via sending links and through various mobile messengers on smartphones. Also, you don't need to install an HTML5 game before you start playing them on your smartphones or desktop.


    Advantages of Developing Games in HTML5


    Building games in HTML5 is a bit complex task and takes a little longer than average but it has its humongous benefits. Here I am explaining some of the major benefits of building HTML5 games in detail.


    • The most significant advantage is the massive popularity which one can enjoy if the game developed is really interesting. And hence, a big revenue could be generated in a quick time.


    • Once you have done coding for your game in html5, then you don't need to re-code it in order to make it compatible with various operating systems and devices. You just need to code once and that’s it. The same codebase will work anywhere and everywhere.


    • HTML5 games gives developer full control over updates and changes which can be easily made available on web in real time. That simply means that if any update or change gets applied to an HTML5 game, it gets updated in real time as well on web, which means that from now onwards everyone will be playing the current version without manually upgrading to the latest version.


    • ADs location can be modified anytime on the web in accordance with the advertiser or user feedback.


    • Sharing via links : This is one of the biggest benefit an HTML5 game could enjoy. It is so easy to share these HTML5 games online by simply sending the related links to your friends or a social group over various mobile messengers.


    • HTML5 games require no special plugins or an added software to run over both smartphones and desktops.


    • Further, one-click payment platforms available across all mobile browsers like Apple Pay in Safari and W3C standard that gets its support from  Microsoft, Mozilla browsers and Google.


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    best html5 games


    Top 10 HTML5 Games of 2017


    Here is the list of the best selling HTML5 games in 2017


    1. Canvas Puzzle.

    2. HTML5 Solitaire.

    3. HTML5 3D Blackjack Casino Game.

    4. Rearrange Letters.

    5. Keno.

    6. Quiz Game.

    7. Tetris Cube - Arcade Game.

    8. Electrio.

    9. Galaxy Domination Memory.

    10. Box Tower - Skill Game.

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