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    VPNs(Virtual Private Network) help you connect to a private network or if we could say that it basically allows you access to the content that is restricted in your area or region. Further, it enables a person to send or receive data across public networks and make their devices get directly connected to a private network securing anonymity at the same time over the web. Moreover, using VPNs over Android phones can really help you access a lot of useful and interesting stuff available only over Virtual Private Networks(VPNs) and not on basic internet services in your area. As a matter of fact, VPN for Android free download is easily available over the web and a plenty of other paid Android VPN apps can be easily found which could prove highly valuable to you.

    But over here, I am only going to discuss about five of the best Android VPN apps that could prove to be worth your time and money. Please note that these are the most popular and extensively tested All-In-One VPN apps but you are always free to use the built-in VPN Tool on your personal android device. You will find the reviews regarding the best VPNs for android apk available online as you read further.


    Major Advantages of Using a VPN on your Android


    • It creates a delusion regarding your geographical location and makes it look like you are at a different location and obscures your real IP address.


    • VPNs always encrypt the passing traffic and thus make it harder for anyone else to know about the connection you are using, irrespective of how unsecure your wi-fi network is.


    • Because the source of your connection seems to be coming from a different area, it allows you to access some of the most significant geo-restricted services such as BBC, Netflix, Hulu etc.


    However, speeds always vary in a dramatic way while comparing one VPN service to another. And that’s what we will be discussing below. You will also find the reviews of the android VPNs for free internet usage.


    The Top Five Android VPNs on the Basis of Speed Tests and Effectiveness


    #1. Tunnel Bear




    TunnelBear is a beautiful looking android APN app and has a bear as its mascot. Moreover, it is available with no ads shown on the app whatsoever and the VPN performance too, is solid. However, it’s not a free VPN app but its worth spending for and only costs $4 per month for unlimited access. But, if you want to try it for free, you always have 500MB free data per month and more could be earned by tweeting about the service on the web.


    But, in order to access this wonderful Android VPN app, you need to set up an account first. But be sure that it is way better than almost all of the freemium VPNs available online.


    #2. Opera VPN


    It possess an impressive user interface with a cool viking mascot and is also well designed. Apart from a few connectivity hiccups, it performed pretty well and was among one of the faster connections while testing the speeds. Further, it's free, fast and also the ads that appeared on the interface were not particularly intrusive which is a good seeing.


    However, the two vital shortcomings include its restricted availability as it has only five server locations available at present and the block on torrents. It could come under the category of best free unlimited vpn for android.


    #3. Betternet


    I would specifically suggest you to not to go for this Android VPN as Betternet App has a lot of shortcomings regarding everything concerned, be it the speed, monthly subscription fee or the user-browsing experience. The $12 monthly subscription fee is too high to pay along with issues with the full-screen popups appearing all of a sudden every now and then.


    Further, poor speeds adds up to the misery which was found to be as low as 1 megabit. Besides, in the free version, you are not allowed to manually select a server location.


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    #4. Hotspot Shield




    Hotspot shield was the fastest android VPN among all which got tested in order to find the best Android VPN. besides, the app is pretty user-friendly and a simple and effective UI makes it further impressive. But, under the free version, a very few server locations were available to be exploited.


    A paid Hotspot Shield account costs $12 per month as subscription fee which is a little high as compared to others. However, an added feature that helps it differentiate from others gives you the license to extend the given service to other platforms such as Windows and MAC.


    #5. Manual VPNs


    how to use manual VPNS.png


    The world of Android VPNs is much larger than what is witnessed on the playstore. The manual VPNs could prove to be quite cheaper and powerful than many of the paid ones. Besides that, they provide Multi-platform services and thus, one can use his/her account information to set up a native vpn connection on Android. You would further be able to simultaneously connect all your devices using the same VPN.


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