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    Roku is famous for its out of the box features and an unmatched video streaming experience, making it the most advanced streaming media player you’d come across. Over the years, Roku has turned out to be the most widely used video streaming player, leaving all the competitors behind. It’s been several months since the 4th generation of Roku’s streaming boxes arrived on the shelves and it has made its effect felt all over the world.


    Roku 4 or Roku Ultra as they call it boasts a 4K Ultra HD display and a powerful quad-core processor. This device promises an outstanding video streaming experience with ultra-sharp images. Besides, you get to enjoy the seamless navigation between channels and apps. Owing to the most powerful processor it has, you can play high-graphic games more swiftly than ever before. But Roku has more to offer than you could possibly imagine. Through this blog, we bring to you some astonishing features you can enjoy on Roku Ultra.


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    Private Listening

    This unique feature lets you enjoy the live video streaming while listening privately with headphones on. Sometimes it’s just not possible for you to listen to the loud music especially while someone’s at home and you obviously don’t want to disturb them. The Private Listening feature provides an effective solution to counter such scenarios and lets you listen to the audio as loud as you want. The best part is, you don’t have to connect your headphone to the TV or the Roku streaming box. Instead, you connect it to your phone with the Roku app installed in it. All you have to do is launch the mobile app on your android or iOS smartphone, pair it with your Roku streaming device and bingo!


    You can enjoy the private listening feature on all the major Roku devices including Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Express Plus, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere Plus and Roku TV as well.   



    The feature is similar to the AirPlay Mirroring in Apple TV where you can throw the content of your phone right onto your TV screen. This feature is specially helpful in case you want to show some photos from your phone to the friends.


    Besides that, you can mirror almost anything from your phone to the TV screen. For instance, you can use an app and its contents will be visible on the TV screen so that others can see them too. You can even play a game while casting it on your TV screen and let your friends cheer for you as you score.   


    Hotel And Dorm Connect

    This Roku feature enables you to stream media on your Roku device on the go. Take your Roku streaming box anywhere and connect it with any TV. Hotel And Dorm Connect makes it just as easy to stream high quality media on the go while being in any hotel or dorm. You don’t even need to carry the entire streaming box with you. All you need is the Roku remote and your smartphone with a 3G or 4G connection. And then just login to your Roku account and you can use the same remote on any TV screen and enjoy the Roku TV streaming experience.


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