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Big Data is a term used for excessively huge data-sets. These datasets are too complex and big in sizes. Therefore, it becomes a tedious task to deal with such huge pools of datasets. Because the conventional data processing applications are unable to deal with it. However, these datasets can be left idle as they constitute of a hidden value.

An instance of Big Data should be petabytes (1,024 terabytes) or exabytes (1,024 petabytes) of data comprising of billions to trillions of record of millions of people, coming from the various sources like web, sales, customer contact center, mobile data, social media and so on. Many organizations face difficulties to create, curate and manage big data while dealing with larger datasets. Basically, Big Data is a problem in business analytics because conventional tools and procedures are not developed or designed to search and examine huge datasets.



Big Data contains potential to help companies in improving operations and making faster, better decisions. This data can help a company in gaining beneficial insights to get or retain customers, increase revenues, and improve operations only when it is properly captured, manipulated, formatted, stored and analyzed.



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