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Big Data is basically a fancy term used for excessively big data sets that are too complex and excessively big in size to deal with. Therefore, it becomes a great headache to deal with these excessively big data sets as the traditional data processing applications were found incapable of dealing with them but these data sets cannot be left in vain as these data sets constitutes of a great value if extracted efficiently and sensibly. Hence, it demands for the new and upgraded data processing apps which can deal with these humongous data sets and which are capable of extracting the great value associated with them. These values involved are the ones related to analysis, data curation, storage, sharing, transfer, querying, updating and detecting market trends and the prevalent statistics hidden inside these large volumes of data. Apparently, Big Data And Predictive Analytics application has increased in the recent past in the wake of the increasing use of internet and because of the the total volume of data getting multiplied every single day because of increased web usage.



Since 1980, the world’s technological per capita capacity to store information has roughly doubled every 40 months. As per the year 2012, 2.5 exabytes of data gets generated every single day. Therefore, there is a lot of data getting generated every single day and every single minute going by. Hence, it becomes very significant to bring out the value associated with these huge volumes of data, whether we talk about the big chunks of data that get added to a company’s database via its CRM every single day or the data getting added to the web on a daily basis related to a specific business domain.




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We at Oodles are a Big Data Software Development Company who specializes in Big Data Application Development Services and Big data predictive analytics solutions. Apart from that, our seasoned team of Big Data Professionals are also capable of providing solutions in context of Big Data Implementation services and Machine Learning and Data Mining. Reach out to us if you facing any issues related to extracting value out of your firm’s database which constitutes of huge volumes of data. Our expert Big Data developers will help you extract value out of your own firm’s database by building customized data processing web and mobile apps that would be business-specific, so as to cater to your exact needs.



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