Big data and Hadoop Service Providers


Big Data refers to an immense amount of data in raw or processed form which is required to be stored, managed and analysed. The data gathered is too large in size and also too complex to handle. Conventional databases and methods are not applicable for processing these datasets. Big Data is collected from many sources such as business transactions, social media and information from sensor or machine-to-machine data,   emails, mobile devices, applications, databases, and other means. These datasets are very valuable for the companies to enhance their productivity and understand the behavior of customer only if these are managed and analyzed properly.

Big Data ranges from petabytes (1,024 terabytes) to exabytes (1,024 petabytes) of data comprising of billions to trillions of records from millions of people. When big Data is analysed, it is capable of assisting companies in cost reductions, time reductions, new product development and optimized offerings, and smart decision making. Basically, Big Data is a problem in business analytics because conventional tools and procedures are not developed or designed to search and examine huge datasets. There is a term called Hadoop that is associated with Big Data many times and is known to be a backbone of Big Data operations. Hadoop is an open source software framework that handles and deals with Big Data. With Hadoop, Any kind of data with any size can be stored and handled. No Data is too big for Hadoop. Thus, Hadoop is essential for managing and processing of Big Data.

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