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Group of extremely big datasets that cannot be handled by the conventional data processing apps are called Big Data. It is basically a collection of both structured and unstructured data that is extensively large and hence demands  for the most advanced data processing apps to extract the hidden value out of it which could be very useful and insightful. Moreover, the data management services obtained through the Big data processing apps assisted by Hadoop-based recommender engines are helping big social networking tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in order to detect and analyse the people's interests and the current trends. Likewise, it can help any organisation or a firm to foresee the future market trends and sales opportunities by applying big data software apps that would be capable of processing and analysing huge chunks of useful data available in their company’s internal database and CRM. Apparently, there are many software firms at present possessing an expertise in providing Big Data Implementation services but to choose the best among them is a serious task to conduct.


Besides that, utilizing Hadoop alongside could give data processing a much required pace and can make the analysis of both structured and unstructured data faster than ever. To get a clear idea about Hadoop, let me tell you that it is basically an open-source software framework from Apache that supports scalable distributed applications.


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