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Android OS is the world’s most popular and widely used operating system for smartphones and tablets. It is a Linux-based operating system which was launched by Google in 2008. Consistently more than a million new Android gadgets are actuated around the world. While initially it was built for the touchscreen enabled smartphones, it is now one of the emerging technologies that support many other devices. It provides the platform for devices like tablets, PCs, Smart Watches and Smart TVs.

Android, being an open-source technology is free to use. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) allows developers to use the code for free from Github and there is no need of acquiring the license to use the technology. Not only that, Android imposes minimal restrictions on users unlike many other mobile operating systems like iOS. Talking about the figures, Android clearly dominates the worldwide market with more than 85% of sales in terms of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other smart devices.


Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles Technologies specializes in providing  Mobile Application Development services to the clients at cost-effective rates. We are one of the top Mobile and Android App development companies in India with a focus on giving our clients the finest services. We have an extensive experience in creating customized and scalable Android applications and have also successfully completed more than 30 projects in Android alone.  

Apart from Android, we also excel in iOS App Development. We have a team of experienced iOS developers with vast knowledge in the said niche. It has been our firm endeavor to deliver innovative High-quality Apps at the best market price and we thrive on fulfilling the expectations of our clients.


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