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Android is by far the world’s most widely used mobile operating system with a gigantic network of devices and users. Android is open-source which means any smartphone company can use it to power its smartphones simply by obtaining an android license. That’s the reason why 3/4th of the smartphones in the market are powered by Android. Well, not just smartphones but a large number of smart devices use android as the underlying OS. The list includes Smart TVs (or Android TVs), Smartwatches and tablets. The best part is, Android smartphones are quite affordable as compared to their iOS counterparts and they are even more powerful and advanced in terms of features.


Another reason for considering android over iOS is the availability of more number of apps on Google Playstore. When it comes to the number of apps, android supersedes iOS two to one. A rough estimation is that android is currently having 2-3 times the number of apps on the iOS App Store. Not only that, most of the apps available on Playstore are absolutely free and require minimal or no in app purchases. On the other hand, a majority of apps on iOS App Store are either paid or they require in-app purchases. Android was first launched by Google in the year 2008 and since then, there have been more than 10 versions of Android. The latest android version (i.e Nougat) brings many outstanding features such as the split-screen functionality which lets you use two apps at the same time.


What Oodles Technologies has to offer?

Oodles Technologies is a leading Offshore Mobile App development company with years of experience in building offbeat mobile apps for both android and iOS platforms. We have a specialized team of Android Application Development Experts to bring an excellence in our development projects. We have successfully completed more than 30 app development projects and built some astonishing apps with out-of-the-box features and stunning UI. We are pioneers in building android apps based on OpenCV, Machine Learning, Video Streaming and artificial intelligence. We also design OpenCV filters for Mobiles.  


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