OTT Video Solutions Development

Power up your application with creative and novel strategies, compelling video technological details to effectively engage users for a continued business success.

Oodles Technologies, an OTT app development company, specialize in offering OTT application development, and video streaming app development. We, OTT app development company delivers interactive business experience for continued success online with our live and on-demand video solutions. OTT application development for smart TV encompasses popular Smart TV platforms. We are well-versed with the latest technologies to build a scalable and high-performing Smart TV app. Leverage our future-focussed video streaming solutions and live video streaming app development expertise for any platform.
We customize live streaming and real-time video streaming capabilities for events, programs, meetings, and much more with intuitive elements such as chats and polls to enliven user experience and foster engagement.Our experts build public/permissioned & decentralized video streaming applications that extend smart contracts solutions paired with blockchain-enabled security, transparency, scalability, and efficiency.With hand-on expertise in creating mobile/web applications for microconsoles and digital media players such as ChromeCast and Cast TV, we have been empowering businesses to unlock tremendous media opportunities.
Our passionate team of app developers has hands-on experience in building high-quality video streaming channels and applications that are robust, engaging, and intuitive.Oodles Technologies is one of the most sought-after streaming company, offering services across sports management, entertainment, and media companies, healthcare industry, content owners, etc.

AR and VR Application Development

We help businesses redefine their brand, increase sales and offer new, immersive, and futuristic experiences to their customers with our AR and VR Application Development services.

Oodles technologies, AR VR App development company that incorporates the next-gen technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to build immersive web and mobile applications. We are a seasoned AR VR app development company that creates custom AR and VR powered gaming apps to deliver engaging user experiences. Our custom gaming apps run smoothly on Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Cardboard, or the HTC vive headsets. With our AR VR app development services, we elevate marketing opportunities by providing a three-dimensional walk-through of your products/services that enable users to make a fair purchase decision. We provide AR VR application development to effectively engage your audiences.
Our AR VR development services for iOS and Android platforms enable you to adopt innovative ways to grow and increase customer traction. With AR technologies, such as detection of marker (QR code), geo filtering, interactive images, we help you build and deliver engaging product demos and training, let customers try products before they buy (specifically in retail), and create personalized content for your brand.
We provide AR VR development services to make your products and services come to life. We create a new dimension of experiences that powers up your advertising strategies, 3D product(s) modeling, enrich in-store experience, win a competitive edge over online businesses, and deliver immersive experiences for the customers with high level graphics and multi-user access.

AI Application Development

Empower your business to become ‘smarter’ by applying AI to your products, business operations, new domains, developing tools, and more.

At Oodles, we offer Artificial intelligence development services, and technologies to make your applications smarter, understand your customers better and be more customer-centric. The advanced analytics and algorithms powered by AI utilize the generated data through IoT, mobile apps, and/or the websites and enable you to make informed decisions for enhancing customer experience. We, an AI Application development company, build result oriented AI solutions to boost business operations. We provide Artificial intelligence development services through data-powered user engagement. Our high-octane recommendation engines features enable you to capture the customer behavior and explore their preferences. This helps with recommending relevant products, improve their experience with your brand, increase footfall, and thereby bring high ROI.

Cloud Application Development

Go serverless and use the cloud power to keep your infrastructure and operational costs at its minimum, effortless scaling, faster product development and deployment.

Eliminate the need for server software and reduce hardware management costs and experience the growth in your business in unexpected ways. Go beyond cloud computing as we use FaaS and more to make your business a part of the serverless architecture. Now get to market faster, increase efficiency and flexibility, reduce wastage and cost, and go digital!

IoT Application Development

With IoT-led digital transformation services, we help you establish a digitally connected world for your customers that add real value to their work and their lives.

Let every ‘things’ talk to each other. Make living more convenient and safe with IoT. Realize the transformation with IoT and AI for your future home and work life. It could be for a smart home, building, industry, business, or any arena, we, Oodles set the IoT ecosystem. We bring IoT-led transformation by connecting things, people, process, and data.

Mobile App Development

Unleash your digital intelligence with our power-packed mobile app solutions that are built with a user-centric approach and smart integration capabilities.

Discover our best mobile app development company services and solutions. With the latest technologies and mobile application development approaches, we translate your ideas into reality. Oodles, mobile application development cater to a broad range of industries. At Oodles, mobile app development company, we create user-centric mobile app designs by understanding business value, conducting market research, assessing competition, and developing a working strategy around choosing the right set of technologies, platforms, and architecture. With our futuristic development strategies, we develop cost-effective, robust, lightweight, custom hybrid & native apps for all mobile platforms and operating systems. With our Shift-left and Continuous Delivery approach, our QAs and testing engineers are involved in all stages of development to focus on delivering a quality and glitch-free mobile app in a shorter development cycle and in a sustainable way.

SaaS Application Development

Implement SaaS into your business environment with our exceptional SaaS development solutions to increase efficiency to your business model.

Create your tomorrow today with SaaS Application Development and Consulting services powered by Oodles. We understand the core of your business and deliver end-to-end SaaS app development services. From identifying technologies and features to their implementation in your SaaS mobile app development, we take care of it all. As an end-to-end SaaS software development company, we either develop SaaS apps from scratch or re-architecture the existing ones as per the SaaS environment. As a trusted SaaS development agency, we offer the best-in-class security solutions for your SaaS applications with our native and third-party services. At Oodles, we believe in empowering developers and businesses, alike. Our trained experts help you with cost-effectiveweb and application development using leading-edge technologies ranging from Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Data Security, ERP, Big Data to Video Streaming solutions, to create the perfect blend of functionality and integrated tech solutions for any industry.