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MEAN refers to a full-stack JavaScript software. It helps in creating robust web application and websites. Mainly, it is a comprised software pack of four propitious web development frameworks including MongDB, Express, Angular and Node.js.

In fact, among these four frameworks. Node.js doesn’t refer to a web development framework. Rather, it is an execution environment comes in use to produce a variety of server applications and tools. 

Each framework of MEAN has its own significance in the web development. In addition, MongoDB comes in use for data management, Express, it is a lightweight framework, it comes in use for building web applications in Node.js, Angular is used for all frontend related operations and Node.js for all the backend operations. When coupled together, these four make MEAN an advanced web development software.


What Do Oodles Technologies Offers in MEAN Stack Development?


Oodles Technologies is one of the leading service providers in MEAN Stack Development. We have acquired a considerable number of experience in the said niche, and this experience helps us in creating the most hybrid and dynamic web applications. What we offer is excellent MEAN stack development services at very cost- effective prices. Besides, we have a team of full stack developers who work effectively on each project and are more than capable of delivering projects within deadlines.

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