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MEAN Stack is a JavaScript based web development framework used for building dynamic web applications. It combines the four most advanced technologies including Mongo DB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. Each of these frameworks has its own use in backend and frontend development. Collectively, they provide robust means for Full Stack Development.

Mongo DB: As the name suggests, it’s a NoSQL based relational database program which uses JSON-like documents with schemas.

ExpressJS: ExpressJS is a web development framework for NodeJS used for building web applications and APIs.

AngularJS: It’s a front-end development framework mainly used for building single-page websites and web applications.

NodeJS: A JavaScript framework used primarily for client-side scripting.   


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We, at Oodles Technologies are pioneers in building web applications using MEAN Stack. We have an extensive experience in MEAN Stack App Development and we specialize in building top-notch websites and web applications using cutting-edge technologies.

We have a skilled team of MEAN Stack Application Developers that is capable of handling complex frontend and backend operations using MEAN Stack. We also have a sound expertise in Mobile App Development and Video Streaming App Development.


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