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Apple TV is a widely renowned digital media player and micro console. It has been developed by Apple Inc. Basically, it serves as a network appliance and an entertainment device. Apple TV receives the data from numerous sources and runs it on a supported HD television.


In fact, it is an HDMI-amenable source device. Therefore, it asks for a connection to an enhanced definition or high-definition television via an HDMI cable for streaming media.     

It comes with no internally incorporated controls and is controlled with external controls. To control the device, you can use an Apple Remote control (Shipped as per the requirement) using its Bluetooth or infrared capabilities.


Other than that, you can control the device by using Apple TV Remote App (available for download at Apple App Store) on your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch and Apple Watch by making use of its WiFi capabilities.


Apple TV’s inbuilt WiFi is so sufficient that it can receive a variety of digital content from various iOS apps by using its AirPlay feature or from the iTunes Store. Moreover, it is able to broadcast digital content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes Store, Now TV (UK only) Vevo, YouTube, etc.


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