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What is 125 for TIME?
125 for TIME is the newest way for non-profit groups, charitable institutions and other non profit causes to raise money.

Why 125 for TIME?
This event is a small scale event with big capabilities. Created in the likeness of a 5k, the goal is for a charity to maximize their fund raising capabilities in a relatively small amount of time. This event can be completed in 1 hour from start to finish by tapping into something that everyone hates, the burpee.

How does it work?
You sign up online, very similar to other fitness related events. You will be paired with a partner on the day of your event. Your goal is to complete 125 burpees for time in under 20 minutes. Your partner will be your judge and count your reps. When it’s your partner’s turn, you judge and count. If you finish, in say 14:07, your score is your time. If you fail to finish in the 20 minute cap, your score is the number of successful burpees you completed. After the first group goes, there will be a short break approx 10 minutes and then the second group will go. There are three categories, 125, 100 or 75 burpees, you pick based on your fitness level.


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