iERP is our intelligent enterprise solutions development service offering that meets your evolving business needs

We enable intelligent decision making and planning, process automation, and forecasting with enhanced trust and transparency with our iERP development service. It features key industry 4.0 technologies including AI, Blockchain, AR, and IoT. We combine them to achieve cost optimization, effective resource planning, and automation with increased efficiency, significant user adoption, and effective personalization

Key Highlights

Smart Attendance System with Deep learning

Automate attendance management using facial recognition technology. We use deep learning techniques to build solutions that detect individuals appearing in live camera feeds to trigger unauthorized access alerts

Deep Learning
Deep Learning

Smart Attendance System with Deep learning

Automate attendance management using facial recognition technology. We use deep learning techniques to build solutions that detect individuals appearing in live camera feeds to trigger unauthorized access alerts

Prediction & Personalization

Prediction & Personalization

Generate better product recommendations and personalize the customer experience with AR technology. We build prediction models using best data mining practices to achieve a high level of accuracy

Distributed & Secure Data Exchange

Ensure the safety of your data with blockchain technology. Our seasoned blockchain team builds distributed ledgers to strengthen data security and enable high data availability

Distributed & Data Exchange
Distributed & Data Exchange

Distributed & Secure Data Exchange

Ensure the safety of your data with blockchain technology. Our seasoned blockchain team builds distributed ledgers to strengthen data security and enable high data availability


Transportation Cost Optimization

Reduce transportation costs with intelligent route planning enabled by open source technologies like Optaplanner. Our iERP developers are skilled in integrating GPS tracking systems to enable fleet management

Advanced Development

Streamlined Warehouse

Streamlined Warehouse Operations

We meet your objective to simplify warehouse management by integrating QR and barcode scanning systems with your custom iERP solution.

  • Eliminate manual record-keeping efforts
  • Reduce order processing errors significantly
  • Efficiently locate products by aisle, section, level, and position
  • Save hardware costs using mobile phone scanners
  • Ensure significant user adoption with an intuitive UI
personalised experience

Personalized Experience

Our ERP developers are skilled at providing a personalized experience to your users, both internal and external.

  • Provide the most relevant buying options to shoppers
  • Boost customer engagement throughout the buying journey
  • Enable efficient decision with curated admin dashboards
  • Improve internal user adoption with streamlined workflows
Forecasting & Inventory prediction

Forecasting & Inventory Prediction

We have an experienced AI team that builds prediction engines so you can discover consumption trends for better inventory planning.

  • Discover hyperlocal demand patterns using historical data
  • Prevent stockout situations with store-wise product sales insights
  • Reroute inventory between stores to stock-up profitable locations
Enhanced Tracking & Analytics

Enhanced Production

We enable you to improve production by using IoT data for predictive maintenance and building image recognition capabilities to automate quality testing.

  • Avoid equipment failure with predictive maintenance
  • Enhance yield by identifying wasteful processes and product designs
  • Accelerate quality testing with image recognition based inspection

Supply Chain Optimization

We enhance end-to-end supply chain visibility while streamlining supply chain processes using blockchain, AI, and IoT technologies.

  • Maximize warehouse and vehicle storage capacity
  • Improve supplier selection with predictive supplier assessment
  • Streamline resource planning to maximize production
  • Discover correlations between processes that cause delays
Resource Optimisation

Resource Optimization

We enable you to optimize your human and capital resources by providing you intelligent insights and automating tasks.

  • Automate staff scheduling as per skills and availability
  • Forecast staffing requirements accurately
  • Improve decision making with holistic assets insights
Customer Prediction

Customer Churn Prediction

Our AI developers are skilled at using Salesforce data to build prediction models that reveal customer churn.

  • Improve decision-making with customer behavior insights
  • Discover customers who are at the risk of leaving
  • Provide offers to your most profitable customers
Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

We fulfill your need to automate lead scoring by building AI and machine learning algorithms.

  • Gain better accuracy in scoring marketing leads
  • Send a ranked list of leads to sales reps automatically
  • Enable your sales team to prioritize their efforts
Transportation optimization

Transportation Optimization

We reduce transportation costs with optimized route planning and scheduling using OptaPlanner and

  • Ensure that goods reach their destination with freshness intact
  • Account factors like traffic, weather, and fuel costs to plot the best routes
  • Predict the quality of goods at the destination accurately


We have curated an assortment of AI, blockchain, AR and IoT technologies in which our developers have gained experience and certifications

H2O-bw features leading algorithms for distributed computing, support for familiar data mining languages like R and Python, and AutoML to automate ML workflows. The applications of range from enabling predictive maintenance to supply chain optimization. improves retail, insurance, marketing, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and telecom processes


OpenCV’s optimized algorithms are effective for a range of applications from recognizing human gestures and objects to stitching images together. OpenCV is effective at building tools for face recognition, text recognition, and shape detection. It is useful for modifying image quality and developing AR applications


Apache PredictionIO is an open source ML server build on top of an open source stack that our developers have grown familiar with. PredictionIO powers predictive engines to accomplish machine learning tasks. We can use PredictionIO to improve user retention, cart value, and customer engagement for e-commerce businesses


We are an official R3 Corda partner with 25 Corda certified developers. Corda is a business-friendly open source blockchain platform that is suitable for next-gen technologies. Some benefits of Corda are ensuring regulatory compliance, accelerating insurance claims management, and streamlining KYC processes


Thingsboard meets IoT implementation requirements with features like out-of-the-box multi-tenant installations, telemetry data collection, 30+ configurable data visualization widgets, and an IoT rule engine. It can be used to create smart fleet management and tracking systems, energy monitoring solutions, metering solutions, and farming solutions


OptaPlanner’s lightweight planning engine makes it ideal for fulfilling dynamic and real-time optimization tasks efficiently. It has a 100% Java environment that makes it compatible with JVM languages like Kotlin and Scala. Optaplanner’s applications include vehicle routing, cloud optimization, employee rostering, maintenance scheduling, task assignment optimization, and timetabling


We use Hadoop for distributed processing of large data sets across the blockchain network we build for custom iERP solution development. The Hadoop framework is suitable for managing vulnerabilities that may exist in the blockchain by detecting and handling application layer failures

jasper reports

JasperReports is an open source reporting engine we use for developing an iERP application’s reporting module. Since JasperReports is a complete Java based library, it enables the consumption of data from any source to produce reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, OpenOffice, and Word formats


MongoDB fulfills the need to process unstructured data originating from IoT devices and image capture applications. It serves as the distributed database of the custom iERP solution we build using Corda blockchain


ARKit is an augmented reality development framework developed by Apple to produce augmented reality experiences using iOS device camera feeds. Our iOS developers fulfill your iERP development requirements where Apple devices are critical for your business

Google Ar-VR Core

Vuforia is our cross-platform AR and MR (Mixed Reality) application development platform of choice to fulfill your mass-scale user adoption goals. It provides a drag-and-drop authoring workflow for accelerated development


A-frame is a web framework for creating virtual reality experiences. It is suitable for boosting user engagement without having to install anything. It provides low latency and high framerate that is comparable to native VR applications


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