iPhone 7 Is Going To Support Bitcoin Payments

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 09-Sep-2016

As the long awaited iPhone 7 makes its way to the market, good news comes for all the bitcoin enthusiasts. Apple Inc. recently unveiled the first look of its new generation of iPhone which is scheduled to arrive in market on September 13. In the Keynote event which was held in San Francisco on September 7, it was announced that the iMessage feature in iPhone 7 will support many third party applications. These third party applications also include Circle which is a Peer-to-Peer payment app supporting Bitcoin and other fiat currencies.


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About Circle Pay

Circle Internet Financial Ltd. is a US based company famous for its app called Circle which uses a Peer-to-Peer technology for enabling payments in fiat currencies. Apart from the fiat currencies, Circle Pay also renders support for the world famous cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin. It can be used as a bitcoin wallet service and allows you to buy and sell bitcoins. The payment methodology used by Circle makes it much similar to Venmo, a mobile payment service which is now a part of PayPal. It’s just that Venmo doesn’t provide support for bitcoin which Circle does. However, the Circle Payment Services are only available in US and UK so far. So only the iPhone 7 users from US and UK would reap the benefits of Bitcoin Payments via Circle as of now.


Circle has announced lately that it soon be expanding to other countries and China is most likely to be the first among the others.


How Circle Integration Will Help Bitcoiners?

The Circle’s Integration with iMessage is no doubt very crucial for the bitcoin users. Owing to the Circle’s support for Bitcoin payments, the iPhone 7 users will be able to send any BTC amount to their friends or relatives instantly while chatting on iMessage app. Doing this will not only provide new medium for bitcoin payments but will also foster the use of bitcoin as a global currency.


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Apple Might Consider Ethereum In Future

If all goes well, it won’t be long when people will be sending Ethers (ETH) via iMessage. Although Apple hasn’t yet explicated any plans to render support for ETH payments but there’s a sharp possibility of it doing the same at some point in future. Now all eyes are stuck at Jaxx Wallet which is likely to get approval for its updated app to be included in the iOS App Store. And guess what? The updated app of Jaxx also supports Ether tokens. So if Jaxx makes its way to the iOS App Store, it would lead to new opportunities for the Cryptocurrency Landscape and will foster the use of Ethereum. As a matter of fact, Apple has already approved the hard forked version of Ethereum, showing its interest toward the integration of Ethereum classic. And if Jaxx Wallet gets approval, then it will be a major breakthrough for the Ethereum lovers.  


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