Smart Home Automation with IoT

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 08-Aug-2019


IoT and Smart Home Automation


The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened new possibilities for automation and preventing operational as well as mechanical failures. Businesses can remotely operate devices and machines while monitoring their real-time performance using IoT applications. It aids in streamlining operations and improving coordination between different teams. Smart IoT devices are now available for use in offices, homes, and public spaces for entertainment, security, and automation purposes.  McKinsey Global Institute predicts that the Internet of Things market will reach the U.S. $11.1 trillion annually by 2025.  


IoT, when combined with AI, can transform the way devices interact. The technology eliminates human intervention with autonomous capabilities. The application of IoT is now becoming common with home automation devices and solutions. Technology leaders like Amazon and Google have introduced various IoT enabled home automation devices to enhance the convenience of their customers. 


For instance, Bill Gates has a smart home which was built in the year 1997. Bill Gates gives a glimpse of his smart home in his book “ A Road Ahead”. He writes “First thing, as you come in, you’ll be presented with an electronic pin to clip to your clothes. This pin will connect you to the electronic services of the house. The electronic pin you wear will tell the house who and where you are, and the house will use this information to try to meet and even anticipate your needs — all as unobtrusively as possible.” 


Examples of Smart Home Technologies and Devices


Consumers today have a wide range of IoT tools and services at their disposal for smart home automation. Most manufacturers focus on producing smart devices that serve a specific purpose while others build complete hubs for a smart home. 


Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistants are the most popular smart devices that are now available globally. Let’s take a look at some smart home devices. 


Magnetic Sensor - Sensitive is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for the digitization of physical work. The company manufactures magnetic strips to turn any device or home space into a smart one. These sensor strips can be attached to any object in the home - a blind, window, floor, etc. They can instantly detect if the backdoor is not shut properly or it there is any unusual activity. 


Smart Locks. August Smart Lock Pro is a US-based smart lock manufacturing company that develops smart locks using IoT platform. These locks duly send alerts to the mobile phones of homeowners in the form of calls or messages. The locks are easily accessible via WiFi or Bluetooth. They are integrated with the popular virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home for more convenience. 


Let's find out how IoT is changing the future of home automation Industry


Platform Independent Control


IoT smart home solutions enable users to operate home appliances even before they enter the house. It enables users to control thermostats, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, sprinklers, water pumps, and coffee machines with voice commands, web platforms, smart wearables, and mobile phones for enhanced convenience. 


Home Security with IoT sensors


Security is an essential aspect of home automation. An IoT and AI integrated home automation system can detect the presence of homeowners, their friends, and relatives. The system can alert homeowners if it detects unfamiliar individuals near the home premises. AI-enabled video doorbells can recognize faces and provide available information about individuals. IoT sensors can detect home intrusions and the home automation system can alert security personnel for instant action. Family members can evaluate the efficiency of IoT systems anytime, anywhere, even when internet connectivity is poor or unavailable. 


IoT Enabled Entertainment Systems at Home


Popular IoT devices like Amazon’s Echo Dot and Google’s Home devices stream music simply by recognizing the voice commands of their users.      



Self-Aware, Self-Diagnosing Devices


IoT enabled smart devices are capable of self-diagnosing their performance. These devices know when it’s time for their maintenance. An automated alert is sent to manufacturers before products fail to perform. Manufacturers send alerts to users when it is time to service them. IoT enabled refrigerators can alert users about food shortage and wastage so that grocery orders can be placed to replenish them. Also, smart window blinds adjust to daylight changes for the comfort of homeowners. 


Towards a Greener World with IoT


Using IoT devices for home automation can lead to optimal use of resources. Device power consumption can be tracked and the usage pattern can be analyzed to minimize wastage. Rooms or washrooms will be incorporated with occupancy sensors to identify rooms with no humans so as to turn off the AC and lights. The technology will enable the users to control and monitor the light intensity. The outdoor lights will be well-timed according to available daylight.


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