• Kaltura API Upload Method

    Posted by Prakhar Budholiya | Last Updated: 12-Jan-17

    Kaltura API Upload Method

    Problem- I setup Kaltura-11.2.0 on my Centos Server Successfully and was able to upload Videos/Images directly through Publisher console, but was not able to upload the files through APIs,



    Solution- Please follow following steps to troubleshoot the same -


    A. publisher console > settings > integration settings > copy administrator secret

    B. admin console > Developer > test console >

    1. history > select service
    2. select service (session) > Select Actions (Start) > secret (paste your copied admin secret) > type- kalturaSessionType (Admin) > partnerid (101) > send

    it will generate a ks string (see in second column)
    3. Select service (media) > Select Actions (add) > entry (KalturaMediaEntry) (then press edit and a new section will popup) 
    here new new section 
    name- give any name here to create the metadata
    media type- select video/Image/Audio and check mark it 
    now most important thing it will create a entry with a unique id- copy that id from its result console (looks like <id>0_grg8sr09<id> )
    from this copy the no 0_grg8sr09.

    4.going back, select Select actions (addContent) > entryid (give that string here) > resource (kalturaUploadedFileResource) > then Edit
    in new popped up section select your video/image

    5. Send and now check content from publisher console.



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