Introduction to jMeter

Posted By : Sandeep Rathor | 06-Apr-2017

Suppose you are working in a E-commerce company as a QA and your manger asks you to do performance testing on our website for 1000 user. So what will you do?

Surely you will  use the jMeter to perform performance testing. So your Manager asks why jMeter? Because maybe he is not aware to the jMeter. So as a QA your first Answere should be that jMeter is a open source software, Stefano Mazzocchi was the developer of the Apache Software Foundation, designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. Using jMeter we can Analyze and measure the behaviour of our application under the different different sustainable Load. Using jMeter we can measure the performance of our web service or variety of services. jMeter is using in heavy load, multiple and concurrent user traffic. jMeter was originally used for Web Apllication and FTP Application but now these days it is also used for database server, functional testing etc.

So above we understood about what is jMeter.So, now the question is why we use jMeter. There are so many tools in the maket to perform load testing. So why jMeter not others?

In above figure it is clearly mention why we should use jMeter to performe load testing instead of other. Its first biggest advantage is that it is open source tool which is freely available in market. It is benifitial to those who are new to perform load testing or we can say who are in learning stage. jMeter is easily understandable tool and most widely use. Its Friendly GUI which is don;t take time to familiar with this. It is Platform Independent java based desktop tool which 100% platform independent. It Support Multiple Protocol like HTTP, JDBC, LDAP, SOAP, JMS, and FTP are supported by jMeter. It is also Simulate multiple User with concurrent thread.

So in the last we will understand how jMeter work. How it send the request to web server and how it take response by the web server. So for this we can understand by the help of a figure in which how jMeter simulate group of multiple user sending request to webserver and how web server respond this in the for of static information just check out 

Image result for jmeter workflow


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