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When it’s about web app development, Node.JS is one of the finest programming tools available to the developers. Being a part of the most advanced web development software pack, Node.js mainly finds its use backend development processes. It is therefore massively used by the Full Stack Developers for building dynamic web applications. Node.js is becoming the first choice of the developers for Full Stack Mean Web Development owing to its ease of use and simplicity. Node.JS offers a powerful run-time environment for you to build your desired web application in relatively less time, with less complexity. NodeJS is one of the four key frameworks used in MEAN Stack and is widely used for server-side applications.



Why Node.js?


  • Faster code execution

  • Follows an asynchronous and event-driven architecture

  • Uses a single threaded model with event looping

  • No data buffering takes place



Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles Technologies is a leading Node.JS Web Development Company with years of experience and expertise in MEAN Stack. We offer world-class Node.js development services for web and mobile. Oodles is an offshore software development company with an extensive experience in building dynamic web and mobile applications. We have proficient team of web developers working effectively on different web development projects. In order to ensure our high-end development services, we make use of cutting-edge technologies. Besides MEAN, we also have a sound expertise in HTML 5 Mobile and Web Development. We have clients from all over the world. Oodles is a leading provider of SaaS services in India giving you the best of both web and mobile app development.

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