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Node.js is an excellent and useful tool available for the developers when the talk is about the web app development. Basically, this platform is built on the Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for creating fast and scalable network applications. Node.js is considered an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. Further, this makes it an efficient and enhanced programming tool, most suitable for data-intensive real-time applications running across on distributed devices.

It is available for developers as open-source, cross-platform milieu for developing the network and server-side applications. It is able to run within Node.js runtime across various platforms such OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows. Moreover, its applications are basically written in JavaScript. Other than that, Node.js is quite popular for offering a rich library of various types of JavaScript Modules which helps in enhancing the development of various web applications.

Why Node.js?

  • Faster code execution

  • Has an asynchronous and event-driven architecture

  • Single threaded model however highly scalable

  • No data buffer

  • Issued licence under MIT license


Following are the fields where it has proved itself as an excellent technology partner.


  • Data Streaming Applications

  • Data Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT)

  • I/O bound Applications

  • JSON APIs based applications

  • Single Page Applications

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles Technologies is an emerging name when it comes to being an excellent Node.js Web Development company having a considerable number of experience of more than 7 years in MEAN Stack as well. We acquire expertise in offering brilliant Node.js Development Services for the web and mobile. Other than that, we are an offshore software development company with an extensive experience in creating dynamic mobile and web applications.


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