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The changing trends in web development have sparked an inevitable need for advanced web development tools like NodeJS. NodeJS is an open-source and cross-platform framework for web app development which is widely used by the Full Stack Developers. It is one of the four main frameworks used in MEAN Stack, the other three being MongoDB, Express and AngularJS. NodeJS mainly finds its use in server-side web applications. NodeJS is perhaps the most lucrative development tool from the developer’s point of view. Working on Node requires a sound knowledge of C, C++ and JavaScript and these three languages are known to all the developers. For this reason, any developer can try his hands on NodeJS and master this tool with little efforts.

Key Advantages of NodeJS

NodeJS framework is widely used in Single page applications, Data intensive real time applications (DIRT), Video Streaming apps and I/O bound applications. The Node.js has helped thousands of the developers by providing solid grounds for high-end performance and universal coding methodology where you can write code in one language and use it for multiple platforms. This further aids the developers in building network based real-time applications.


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