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Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform built on chrome’s javascript runtime to help developers build fast, scalable and the most responsive web applications. Besides, most of its modules are written in Java and it also enables developers to write new modules in the same language. It utilizes Google’s V8 Javascript engine to interpret Javascript. Moreover, Node.js makes use of an event-driven, non blocking I/O model which makes it efficient and lightweight at the same time. And that is what is required to run data-intensive real-time web apps that play across distributed devices. There is an increasing number of OffShore Software Development firms which specializes in providing Node.js Development services along with Mean Stack Development in the wake of its ever expanding horizon.


Working on Node requires a sound knowledge of C, C++ and JavaScript and these three languages are known to all the developers. For this reason, any developer can try his hands on NodeJS and master this tool with little efforts.


Key Advantages of Node.js


  • Faster code execution.

  • Follows an asynchronous and event-driven architecture.

  • Uses a single threaded model with event looping.

  • No data buffering takes place.


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