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Node.js is an open-source framework for web app development that uses programming in JavaScript and provides requisite means to the developers for building dynamic websites and web applications. It’s a part of MEAN Stack and is mainly implemented in backend operations. Node.Js is one of the four most advanced web development tools used in MEAN Stack which happens to be a Full Stack Development Suite with multiple applications and use cases. Apart from Node.JS, the other three frameworks used in MEAN are Mongo DB, Express.js and Angular.js.


Node.js is used for the development of websites and web applications using JavaScript programming. It is open-source and operates under the Apache software license. As a server-side web application, it provides a powerful development environment for building web applications. Working on Node also requires knowledge of programming languages like C and C++. So the developers can easily try their hands on this.

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles Technologies is a Node.JS Web Development Company with an excellence in building high-octane web applications. With more than seven years of experience in web development, we have attained excellence in this niche. We have a highly experienced team of Full Stack Developers that are capable of working on all the MEAN Stack frameworks with special skills in AngularJS and NodeJS. We also have a team of Mobile App Developers that are capable of building scalable and event-driven mobile applications.


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