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MEANJS or simply MEAN Stack is a combination of the four most advanced web development frameworks. As a matter of fact, MEAN stack derives its name from these four frameworks viz. MongoDB, Express.JS, Angularjs and Node.JS.  All these frameworks are based on JavaScript which is the key-programming language for all these frameworks. Seeing it this way, these four frameworks serve as the four pillars that collectively take shape as the most advanced development tool called MEANJS. is an expert combination of the four most frequently used JavaScript based open-source frameworks. These frameworks are MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS and these are the four pillars that collectively take shape.



Why Should You Choose MEAN Stack?


  • This is a powerful combination of technologies including MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS.

  • It comes with a powerful suite of testing tools.

  • It is easy to include dynamic JavaScript in the templates.

  • An open source full stack solution for MEAN applications.



Why Choose Oodles Technologies?


  • We provide expert solutions for MEAN Stack development.

  • Our MEAN Full Stack NodeJS developers are highly capable of turning complex software problems into simple, elegant and scalable solutions.

  • We also provide custom solutions for MEAN Stack Web Development to the clients from around the globe.

  • We have a specialized team of Full Stack Developers working effectively on frontend and backend operations.

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