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MEAN Stack is a collection of Java-Script technologies used to build dynamic web applications.
Mean stands for MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node.js. These four frameworks use Javascript. Mean is an open source full stack JavaScript development kit for the developers. It is user-friendly and fast in developing rapid prototypes of MEAN-based web applications. Mean Stack is popular due to its single language dependency(JavaScript) which runs on every application. With the use of this language, the process of web development becomes efficient for both server side and client side. MEAN Stack Development provides faster speed, scalability, robustness and reusability in developing websites.




When it comes to security of your website, NodeJS and MongoDB deal with it. MongoDB is a database with  NoSQL and it is also simple to implement. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used for complicated client-side development with modular code. NodeJS is for developing server side environment and is the best choice for building real-time applications. Express is a minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework that provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications. Express provides a simple interface that  can make request endpoints and cookie handling. As it is cost-effective, it is the ideal choice used in a many handy websites and web applications.
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