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MEANJS is a software pack of JavaScript based frameworks. It is also called MEAN Stack and it combines the four most advanced web development frameworks including Mongo DB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. As a matter of fact, MEAN Stack derives its name from these four frameworks. Each framework in MEAN has its own significance and use cases. All these frameworks use JavaScript as a key programming language. That’s why MEAN Stack is often called MEANJS where the term ‘JS’ implies JavaScript.


MongoDB is primarily used for database management while on the other hand, AngularJS and NodeJS are used for frontend and backend web development respectively. Since MEAN can be used for both frontend and backend development, it can be perceived as an effective Full Stack Development tool.


Reasons For Choosing MEAN Stack:

  • It comes as a one stop solution for Full Stack Development.

  • It comes with a powerful suite of testing tools.

  • It is easy to include dynamic JavaScript in the templates.

  • It offers a comprehensive run-time environment for building dynamic websites and web applications.




Why Choose Oodles Technologies?


Oodles Technologies is a leading offshore MEAN Stack development company with an extensive experience in web development. We have a skilled team of full stack developers that are highly capable of implementing MEAN Stack to create avant-garde websites and web applications. We also provide custom solutions for MEAN Stack Web Development to the clients from around the globe. Over the years, we have successfully accomplished more than 30 web development projects and we always look forward to take new and challenging ones.

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